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"Joint -2016" military exercises the Russian naval ships arrived in Zhanjiang (Figure) – Military – September 12 Zhanjiang Xinhua (reporter Weng Qiyu) 12 morning, the Russian naval vessels participating in the Sino Russian joint maritime -2016 Lianyan arrived in Zhanjiang a military port, exercises general director, deputy commander of the Navy Wang Hai will China and the Russian Navy deputy commander lieutenant general Fido Gannenk J, director of the Department, as well as exercise command staff and representatives Chinese naval officers and soldiers to the dock to meet. The Navy held a grand welcome ceremony at the pier, the military band played the National Anthem of China and russia. 7 pm, the Russian naval fleet approaching port, airing 21 gun salute salute, then China Navy airing 21 gun salute salute. 8 pm, the Russian Navy Admiral Terry boots "destroyer slowly by Zhanjiang port, major general Coolidge Binhai District of the Russian navy fleet commander and Admiral Terry boots" destroyer Captain Major Kerr Pasi C walked down the ramp to the joint exercise director report team arrived in 2 Chinese children to Coolidge the general and major Kerr Pasi C. Russian naval officers and men Wang Hai on behalf of naval commander Wu Shengli, political commissar Miao Hua has always been in China to express my sincere greetings and warm welcome. He said in his speech, this year coincided with the 15 anniversary of the signing of the Sino Russian Treaty of good neighborliness, friendship and cooperation, the establishment of Sino Russian strategic partnership of cooperation for 20 years. The Russian armed forces continue to deepen pragmatic cooperation and friendly navies of 6 organizations "for nearly 5 years at Sea joint military exercises, China for two consecutive years in Russia hosted the" international military competition, exchanges and cooperation in the field continue to expand, steadily enhance the capacity for joint action. The exercise of both officers and soldiers will further promote the contents of the exercises, combat command implementation standardization, organization and coordination, to further enhance the ability to respond to common security threats. I hope the two officers and soldiers in the next 8 days of practice, close cooperation, mutual learning, deepen friendship, in a new starting point to promote the development of bilateral relations. Fido Gannenk J expressed his gratitude to the Chinese Navy for the effective preparation of the joint action. In the previous joint exercises, both officers and soldiers close cooperation, effective coordination, jointly completed the exercise task, believe that prior experience and friendship on the basis of China Russia joint maritime -2016 joint exercise will be a complete success. I believe that China and Russia to strengthen cooperation and close cooperation, the ability to jointly deal with maritime security threats. The exercise of Russian troops participating in the exercise, including 5 surface ships, respectively "admiral Terry boots" destroyer, "admiral Vinogradov" destroyer, "perre Linthwaite" landing ship "alatao" and "tug Pechenga" vessel, and 2 helicopters, NAVAL SHIPBOARD Marines and amphibious armored equipment. Chinese troops participating include missile destroyer Guangzhou, Zhengzhou ship missile frigate Daqing ship, Mount Huangshan ship, Sanya ship landing ship, Kunlun Mountains ship, ship Yunwu Mountain, Junshan Lake supply ship ship and submarine, fixed wing aircraft, helicopter, Marines and amphibious armored equipment. Share to: (Zhang Yuke, the commissioning editor: Qiu)相关的主题文章:

Important moment to lead the important proposition of cross-strait relations – the interpretation of hypersnap-dx

An important moment to lead the cross-strait relations important propositions — cross-strait expert interpretation of general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech on the new Taiwan Beijing – Xinhua news agency, Beijing / Taipei 2 November Xinhua (reporter Liu Huan Zhao Bo Fu Min) of the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping 1, met with President Hong Xiuzhu led the Chinese KMT delegation, put forward six opinions on both sides the relationship between the development of. Experts and scholars from both sides said in an interview with Xinhua, Xi Jinping’s latest speech on Taiwan history, reality and future concerns, profound meaning, show the sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height, highly responsible for the national history, the attitude of the mainland, the paper proposes an important important moment in the development of cross-strait relations, has the guiding significance and the leading role. Institute of Taiwan Academy of Social Sciences Research China Zhou Zhihuai said that the KMT leaders in cross-strait relations in the important node time meeting of great significance. As everyone knows, the DPP came to power after the refusal to acknowledge the core meaning of 92 consensus "political basis and both sides belong to one China, resulting in cross-strait relations is facing severe challenges, more complicated and tense situation in the Taiwan strait. Facing the new situation, the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward six opinions on the development of cross-strait relations, highlighting the national revival of this banner, stressed that the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, and reaffirm the principle of China’s bottom line, focus on the well-being of compatriots on both sides, rich in content, long-term vision, is bound to positive role in promoting the development of cross-strait relations. "The meeting between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party leaders, both meaning and pragmatic." Taiwan Tamkang University professor Wang Kunyi said, the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward six suggestions on comprehensive, both stressed the need to adhere to the "92 consensus", jointly oppose "Taiwan independence" principle, also talked about the KMT to explore "based on a China principle, agreement officially ending the state of hostility between the two sides, reach a peace the agreement also describes the issues, promote cross-strait economic and social integration and development, to promote Chinese culture and enhance the well-being of compatriots on both sides, working together to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation etc.. "From the Taiwanese point of view, this is the mainland through the mouth of the top leaders to convey goodwill." He believes that although the DPP has refused to recognize the "92 consensus" and its core meaning, but the mainland did not give up the development of cross-strait relations and benefit compatriots on both sides, will continue to promote cross-strait exchanges, cross-strait peace and development forum held on 2 is a very good platform. Liu Xiangping, director of the Taiwan Institute of Nanjing University, pointed out that the general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech is standing on the height of historical development and national revival to look at cross-strait relations, reflecting a high degree of political and historical responsibility. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the six points of view involved in political, economic, social and cultural, and many other aspects, very comprehensive, strategically advantageous position, the development of cross-strait relations have a call and lead role. He believes that the general secretary Xi Jinping reiterated the mainland to adhere to the 92 consensus, firmly opposed to Taiwan independence, a firm position, while showing the mainland to deal with the confidence and ability of cross-strait relations. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed in his speech to promote the development of cross-strait economic and social integration, enhance the well-being of compatriots on both sides of the Strait, including talking about as long as it is conducive to enhancing the pro compatriots on both sides.相关的主题文章:

Expert China every year due to lack of water loss of 200 billion to 300 billion yuan tianbi

Expert: Chinese every year because of water loss of 200 billion to 300 billion yuan – Beijing map: Sichuan Guangyuan a reservoir for flood contaminated tens of thousands of pounds of fish death Li Chunguo photo Beijing, September 25 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Ni) "Chinese every year because of water shortage caused economic losses of 300 billion yuan in 200 billion." 25, 2009, Yang Zhaofei, chairman of the China Association for the promotion of industrial environmental protection, said in Beijing, the current trend of domestic water shortage intensified, protect good water, poor governance, the task is imminent. 25, sponsored by the China Association for the construction of well-off "the Fourth National Symposium on water and national security" and "China’s Green Industry Development Forum" held in Beijing. More than one thousand related fields of politics, business, academic participants, on water pollution control, promote the healthy development of China’s environmental protection issues such as in-depth discussion. At the seminar, participants to Yang Chao introduced water resources per capita is such a set of data — China only the world level of 1/4; 70% of the city water supply shortage; 20% of the city of serious water shortage; every year due to lack of water caused economic losses of 300 billion yuan in 200 billion. "The distribution of water resources in our country is uneven, and the trend of water shortage is more serious." Yang Zhaofei analysts said, facing the current situation, protect good water, poor governance is imperative. And in this regard, the State Council last year issued the "water pollution prevention action plan" proposed a series of clear objectives, including by 2020, the Yangtze River, Pearl River, the Yellow River, Songhua River, Huaihe, Haihe River, Liaohe Basin (seven key water quality at or better than the class III) reached more than 70% of the proportion of the overall national groundwater quality is poor; the proportion of about 15% in the control. Study on the social development national development and Reform Commission Director Yang Yiyong at the forum said that with the expansion of population, per capita water consumption increased, water shortage is becoming more prominent. This problem will affect the social and economic development. As a water shortage country, China should be more in-depth research in the field of water conservation, water reuse. Yang Yiyong is in the same water state of Singapore as an example, said that the country in recent years, with particular emphasis on rainwater recycling, and strive to achieve "a drop of rain water does not flow away in vain", the basic realization of the independent of external water supply, so the experience is worth learning. "A lot of cities in the country on a rainy day to see the sea, then why not think of ways to keep these water?" Yang Yiyong believes that, in contrast, China’s lack of homework to do in this area, it should increase groundwater storage, the development of water reuse, anhydrous industry, desalination and other areas to invest more energy. At the same time, the government, enterprises and citizens should actively participate in building a new water security society. Water is a strategic resource, and national security, the future of mankind is closely related to the importance of water security should be raised to an unprecedented height." Yang Yiyong said. (end)相关的主题文章:

Counter attack Chinese high iron 10 years Multiple Anti European exports to the United States – Supe

Counter attack Chinese high iron 10 years: Multiple Anti European exports to the United States – Super textbook Beijing "was a student, and now our European counterparts parallel technology, many places and beyond, and realize to catch up and overtake, we only spent 10 years." In 2016 September 20th, entered the Chinese country artisans (Mianyang) city of science and technology activities, these words come from China Changchun rail passenger Limited by Share Ltd Luo Zhaoqiang said, causing the audience bursts of applause. Small invention EMU debugging benefits Luo Zhaoqiang responsible, mainly for troubleshooting, to ensure the safety of EMU, plays a key role, therefore, this kind of workers is also regarded as the high iron workers in the "Panda", the practitioner does not exceed 2000 people. The name of the name of the national skills Master Studio Luo Zhaoqiang, it is high-speed rail EMU debugging ace". But in 2006, they were all students. Luo Zhaoqiang still remember 10 years ago in the face of foreign high iron products embarrassing scene: we carefully debugging, but encountered new problems, but did not dare to disassemble the product inspection, in high-speed rail, we a big gap." Only foreign experts to solve the problem. However, because the other side is too expensive and other reasons, forcing Luo Zhaoqiang and other workers continue to practice learning, trying to solve new problems. In this process, Luo Zhaoqiang found that Chinese workers are more innovative than European teachers. He often tells a story: EMU debugging, the passenger seat socket wires sometimes wrong, the practice of the European counterparts are one of the inspection, particularly time-consuming. Luo Zhaoqiang colleagues invented a small device, as long as the plug into the socket, you can immediately confirm whether there is a problem, you can save a lot of time. "This is the work of the invention of the invention of innovation, smart but very practical." The workers China textbook "export" American high-speed rail EMU railway technology is the culmination, technological content of a lot of debugging equipment no less than the high iron itself. In 2012, in order to better Train EMU maintenance personnel, Changchun Zhongche railway vehicle Limited by Share Ltd intends to develop an EMU debugging training device, fault simulation and investigation. Previously, no one in the world has developed this product. No teacher to lead the way, Luo Zhaoqiang and colleagues can only be explored. They spent 10 months on the development, as scheduled to come up with qualified products. This product has 12 patented technology, is still the world’s only. Luo Zhaoqiang own experience and experience, into a textbook, not only for domestic counterparts, but also out of the country. In 2015, Changchun Zhongche railway vehicle Limited by Share Ltd beat European counterparts, the Boston subway project win, this is the first landing in North America Chinese rail transit project. We also specifically for the Boston subway staff training, the use of my textbook." Luo Zhaoqiang said. Reporter Zu Mingyuan.相关的主题文章:

Administrative law enforcement is not law-abiding, why unlicensed vehicles have emboldened

Administrative law enforcement is not law-abiding, why unlicensed vehicles have emboldened the "Legal Daily" report, Henan, Zhoukou, Shenqiu, Taikang, Shangshui, administrative law enforcement car without motor vehicle plate, such as urban management in the County Department of Transportation Bureau, county, County Urban Construction Bureau, the County Environmental Protection Bureau, Bureau of organs in the yard at the administrative law enforcement vehicles, the majority is not listed. What is more, the police car parked on the roadside did not hang the license plate. The administrative law enforcement vehicles, regardless of which department is, it is first of all motor vehicles, in accordance with the provisions of the "road traffic safety law", driving a motor vehicle on road shall hang a motor vehicle plate, place the conformity inspection mark and the insurance sign, and with the motor vehicle license. The driver was driving the vehicle according to the specified license suspension not only face fines, will be deducted 12 points penalty. Now the problem is that these are rampant everywhere, without passing through the law enforcement vehicles without a license, he will be the first law enforcement? Should not, the news said, even some police roadside are unlicensed, and such a law enforcement vehicle lead not abide by the law, is not the first time reported by the media, not only in recent years. The law is there, but there are a number of top administrative enforcement in the name of official vehicles, long time in state law and law enforcement agencies will not be punished, even the Secretary of traffic management of their law enforcement vehicles are not linked to the license plate, what does that mean? At least, in front of the law is to have put it down in black and white, a group of people, some institutions can think beyond the law, and in fact it is really illegal, and will not be punished by law. In recent years not heard where the so-called is not outside the law ", which sounds like" outside the law "should not also do not exist, only in this way is consistent with" equality before the law "the rule of law. As everyone knows, this "outside the law". Since there is, it really has such a place, big dare not say, for example, the administrative law enforcement car across the mainland provinces of many times, unscrupulous. The law has become a matter of administrative law enforcement, it also holds what kind of law? The administrative law enforcement vehicles not listed, the most immediate danger, but contrary to "road traffic safety law", has become a great hidden danger for the traffic management, more seriously, all kinds of administrative act in administrative law enforcement in the name of the state is to evade supervision. In January 2016, the State Council issued the implementation of the rule of law (2015-2020), which put forward to improve the administrative law enforcement procedures, the establishment of the whole process of law enforcement record system". The administrative law enforcement should be recorded, the administrative law enforcement is not actually car license plate car, you let the public record of what? How to record? In September 2015, Gansu County Urban Management Department report users of law enforcement vehicles not listed, local officials responded that this is learning the experience of other counties and law enforcement. What experience? Why not listed as a law enforcement experience? After all, nothing more than to make the administrative law enforcement organs, is unable to supervise the public, urban beat, hit the things you want to take pictures of onlookers is of no use, a "law enforcement" hung as like as two peas brand of car, who afterwards you go to look for, and can supervise? What’s more, the administrative law enforcement.相关的主题文章: